Webinar: Research and Development: A New Form of Evaluation

  • September 24, 2013
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Webinar
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Webinar Title: Research and Development: A New Form of Evaluation

Presenter: Peter York, Senior Partner and Chief Research and Learning Officer at the TCC Group

Investors expect for-profit leaders to use research and development to determine which combination of product elements work, for whom, and under what conditions. Philanthropic investors expect nonprofit leaders to use social research methods to measure whether a program or strategy changed the target audience (sometimes in contrast to a control group).  This workshop will highlight the value of a shift in the sector toward an R&D approach to data collection and use. TCC Group believes that it’s time to empower philanthropies and nonprofit with new tools and resources by using an R&D approach for the purposes of bringing new perspectives, data, strategies and learning to the table around the design and implementation of a nonprofit’s programs, and  toward ensuring a nonprofit’s success.

Mr. York specializes in: designing and implementing evaluations of foundation-supported multi-site initiatives, community building initiatives and social programs; conducting strategic reviews of best practices to inform the development and implementation of foundation grantmaking strategies; and providing technical assistance to grantees around evaluation, program design and strategic planning. A current focus of York's work is on assisting private foundations, corporations and nonprofit organizations with developing and using "evaluative learning" approaches, designs, methods and tools that can best answer, in a formative manner, the questions "what works" and "why?".
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